Azur or Mono Speedy or Mini Lin Croisette Marina pm??

  1. Hiiii Allll,

    Here's the dilema. I was debating between the mono speedy and the denim pleaty awhile back and decided on the pleaty. I think it's time for another purse. I THOUGHT I was set on the mono speedy since I didn't get it last time but the Mini Lin Croisette Marina pm came out and I looove it in red aaaand it's limited so if I don't it now, I might not be able to later. I just got the Croisette Red French Purse. THEN when I think about the speedy, I also like it in azur because it's just so pretttyy..Help!

    The speedies are easier to care for but the marina is soo stylish!
  2. I would get the limited marina first. The other will always be around, should you want them later....
  3. Yah I guess the main thing that's holding me back from getting the marina is the price! It's double the price of the speedy
  4. Well you could get an azur AND a mono speedy for the same price as the Marina :smile: So that's something to think about....

    I love the Red Marina GM, I don't really like the shape of the PM it looks too skinny IMO.

    But if you can afford the Marina, get that one! I have a MLC Speedy in Red and I LOVE it!
  5. I really wanted the Marina, I thought it was THE bag for me, but when I saw it IRL I thought the fabric was way too light and really prone to color/denim transfer so I passed .... but its gorgeous though! It was tough lol, but if you want to keep it light-colored id go with Azur ..but youve been wanting the Mono for awhile so maybe it will just keep "haunting" you until you finally get it ....well that was a rant and very unhelpful for you sorry!!
  6. It's soo true about the marina being prone to colour/denim transfer. I love how you can wear that bag over the shoulders, across the body, hold it in your hands...etc. I was thinking...if I were wearing dark coloured jeans, I'd hold the bag...and if I were wearing light coloured pants or non-jean pants, I could wear it across my body like a messenger bag. I wish they made super stain resistant canvas! hehe
  7. I have marina pm and I love it.
    You can wait to buy the speedy but I am sure about the marina... so get it now before it's gone.
  8. Get the Marina before it's too late.
  9. I like both the Azur and Marina. I would get the Marina now because it is LE though.
  10. Get the Marina first. It's so beautiful, you'll love it. I like the fact that it is light and the style is different. You can always get the other bags later but once the Marina sells out, that'll be it.
  11. I would get the Marina first, it is more unique and perfect for spring.
  12. the marina is nice but i don't think it can hold much, unlike the speedy. so if you carry a lot of things you have to consider this. but its very pretty indeed. and if you're not much of a patina fan (like me) then you won't have to worry about it with the marina. good luck deciding!!
  13. mini lin marina!!! Cause its gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!! Only if you want to spend the $$ otherwise if you want to stay low in the price mono speedys are the best!! I have one and adore it!!!
  14. Thanks for the input guys! I'm totally in love with the Marina but I was thinking the speedy is an essential piece to my collection. It's true that I can get the speedy anytime and the Marina is limited. I don't usually hold tooo much.. my main concern is that it will get dirty easily but I guess that's with a lot of stuff I own (not LV in particular).
  15. I'd go for a speedy for sure! Not a huge fan of the Marina, even if it is limited....