Azur or Mini Lin speedy?

  1. I want to get a summer bag before the summer is over, and am torn b/w these two.
    I love Mini Lin, BUT I am worried that it wouldn't be easy to clean once it gets dirty. So my next logical choice is Azur (which I also love), but I would probably get the Mini Lin if it weren't for that concern.

    What do you guys think? Please help!
  2. Hmmmm, well what color of the Mini Lin Speedy do you plan on getting .... Dune? or Ebene?
  3. Oops, sorry, yeah Dune.
  4. I'd get the Azur first... and if you still decide you want a Speedy in Mini Lin, I'd get it later on in the year. ;)
  5. I do not own a Mini Lin Speedy therefore I am not sure how easily they get dirty.

    However, it seems to me like you really want the Mini Lin Speedy rather than the Azur Speedy.

    So I suggest for you to get the bag that will make you more happier because if you don't you just might have regrets down the road.

    Sorry, I wasn't much help. :shame:

    Hopefully somebody with a Mini Lin Speedy in Dune would be able to answer your question about the dirt factor.

    Good Luck! :flowers:
  6. Thanks John 5 and LV Diva! Lol I know I really want Mini Lin but I've had bad experience with this kind of light fabric (another brand) so I guess I am waiting for someone to say that it doesn't get really dirty or something!
  7. Check out this thread below:

    ----> The Cutie Mini Lin Club!! <----

    It is a thread that consists of nothing but Mini Lin owners.

    Maybe you can go on there and ask them how their Mini Lin Speedys hold up.
  8. Oh wow, thanks for the link! <<going there right now>>
  9. I own the Dune, and I love it so much! I'm very careful with my bags, so I don't put them on the floor. I had a little spot on my Speedy, and it wasn't a problem to clean it with warm water and soap.
    If the Dune would be dirty, you can give it at the dry cleaning store, who is a specialist for handbags. That's what my SA said, and I have an address of a cleaning store here in Switzerland.
    Go for it - I think the Mini Lin is more easy to combinate with the clouthes then the Azur. Me personally I wear the Azur only with Jeans, white and blue clothes. The Mini Lin I wear with all colours.
    It's a great bag: light, easy to open, elegant!:tup:
  10. how about getting an Azur Speedy AND a ebene Mini Lin Speedy? :graucho:
  11. I LVoe the idea of azur in the summer. It just seems perfect for this time of year. Since it's vinyl, it might be easier to maintain. I am partial to the Mini Lin, though. The material is really nice and classy. I have the ebene so getting it dirty is not much of a concern. Goodluck in your choice and update us with pics.!!!
  12. That's the two Speedy's I have, they work perfectly in my wardrobe together! Azure 25 and Ebene 30.... love my speedies!:heart:
  13. That used to be my problem before but I choose the Azur coz the line offers speedy 25 but minilin doesn't have speedy 25 if they have, I'd probably pick the mini lin.
  14. I think that if you are drawn to the dune Mini Lin Speedy, you should get that one, otherwise you will keep thinking about it. Both bags are very popular and well-loved - I have both as well (but ebene for the Mini Lin). It's true that the fabric can be dry-cleaned!
  15. I love my azur speedy. I know better than to get the mini lin in dune for myself. I would so totally trash that bag with my luck.