Azur or Mini Lin Croisette Speedy?


Azur or Mini Lin Croisette Speedy?

  1. Azur Speedy

  2. MLC Speedy

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  1. Hi All! I'm trying to decide between these in the speedy. Of these two which speedy would you choose? TIA!
  2. MLC strip pattern looks like my duvet covers (lol). I do really think like that. Azur is so much better (although I sold mine as I hate patina) and I think easy to take care of.
  3. Azur for sure!
  4. Azur gets my vote!
  5. i'm not crazy about the Azur line, but i prefer it to the Mini Lin Croisette, which gives me the impression of having faded to this funny pink or blue from some other color :lol:
  6. i prefer the speedy in azur. I like the marina pm in mini lin croisette
  7. I personally like the azur line waay better:tup:
  8. Mini Lin Croisette, you can always get the azur
  9. I say the Azur because it's more durable. I have it and now I'm thinking of getting the Mini Lin Croisette Speedy. But if i could only have one of the other I'd go with the Azur.
  10. I agree... I have the Croisette in Red. It is sooo adorable IRL :smile:

    I love the Azur too, but as Barbiedoll said.. that will always be available and the MLC will not be
  11. The Mini Lin is LE so I'd say go for that, and buy the Azur in the spring.... they are both gorgeous bags, but I think Azur's more springy, so get the Mini Lin now, and get the Azur in a few months :smile:
  12. i love the azur!
  13. Azur will be there forever for you to buy. Croisette will be gone, so get the limited edition, it looks cute
  14. Azur....I say this only because of the coated canvas. I would get the mini lin croisette filthy.
  15. Mlc Mlc!