Azur now on

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  1. I might be late with this but who else knew that Azur is live and available to buy on
  2. Thanks for the info.....much be for Europe only :sad:
  3. can't find it anywhere?! Any hints on where you saw it?
  4. I think you hit Uk and then shop online but i can't find it either. Are there two colours?
  5. Go to the damier bags and select the color :flowers:
  6. The question is, whether it's an oversight by the web site manager, or if it's really available now.
  7. Found it! thanks! I dont know if I like it or not! It is so light with the color and vachetta. It does look coated though so maybe it will end that debate? lol
  8. I like some styles, others not so much... I guess I'll have to wait and see if it grows on me. The saleyas look adorable in azure though!
  9. It seems unlikely that they'd make such a huge oversight, especially since it's not only on the UK site.
  10. Could someone link me please?:rolleyes: I can't seem to find it either.
  11. But it's not November! We were all told, the launch date is November 1st.
  12. Go to, click US or OK, go to catalog, then handbags or small leather goods and some of the damier items will have color selection options(ebony or azur). Hope that helps, the LV site doesn't let you link directly.
  13. Its on the US site to
  14. Got it! Thanks so much! :nuts:
    So is it avail. for US to order yet?
  15. :yahoo::nuts::drool::graucho:

    OH MY GOD, GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i'm drooling......
    i still can't see the Sac Plage...where is it?
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