Azur Noe

  1. So I was wondering if they make an azur PETIT noe ...which I dont think they do but it doesnt hurt to ask and if they dont do you guys think I could SO one??? TIA:smile:
  2. too soon to SO from azur line I think, but i'm a wishin' and a hopin' they come out with one soon.....:drool: :love:
  3. I would absolutely love an azur mini noe!!! Keeping my fingers crossed!
  4. Im loving the Azur noe but the regular size is too big for me...if they make a petit noe im buying that in a heartbeat wow :love:
  5. Kind of an odd choice by LV to produce it in the biggest size, when a lot of people aren't used to wearing giant light-colored bags. I'd be far more interested in the petit size.
  6. I would like a petite noe too, but I didn't see noe in Damier? Can I special order Damier petite noe?
  7. Not until it has been in production for two years at least.
  8. Azur has been do popular, I wouldn't be surprised if they add more pieces soon...but with a noe already I would think there so many others to add before a petite noe.
  9. why is that?
  10. I guess LV wants to be sure the permanent line has been in production at least two successful years before contemplating a SO. You know they always change their mind. If it's popular enough they might just make it part of the perm line next year for a new release item. Thus, LV would not have to accommodate a SO when the item would be readily available for the masses.:shrugs:
  11. I'd get it too!! It would be sooo cute. :biggrin:
  12. What about the ads with Azur luggage? Can those be SO'd?
    DA Luggage.jpg DA Full Range.jpg
  13. Regular Damier is available in luggage.
  14. i would LOVE a damier ebene noe/petit noe
  15. Sophia, Your Noe looks great on you. Glad to see a person in my height wearing it. Really looks perfect in size and not too big like other pfers have mentioned.