Azur noe

  1. anyone knows the price of Azur noe in HK LV stores?
  2. i don't know...why don't u ring the hotline and ask
    but I think the Azur all sold out at the moment
  3. ^^yes 866-vuitton can answer your price question but they are all sold out of the azur line for now.
  4. actully, i purchased the azur noe back in december in Ala Monoa. now, just curious the price in HK.
  5. 7,020.00hkd?
  6. it's 7,000 hkd. i asked a few months back since i was deciding between the noe and the speedy. i got the speedy 25 but still thinking about the noe.
  7. thx supermama..