azur noe

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  1. please, opinions about azur noe....
  2. I think it is pretty.
  3. The noe and speedy are my favorite shapes in azur. I wish they came out with more styles in azur.
  4. Azur Noe is my favorite color for a pretty and delicate!
  5. I think it is very pretty! I wonder if it will ever be available in petit?
  6. I think it's a very pretty & classy bag!
  7. It's beautiful! I wanted it but the vachetta bottom scares me.
  8. I think it's lovely, but to me the Noe is a toss aound bag and that with much vachetta I would have to be carefull. I prefer the Noe in epi - worry free.
  9. Love it, own it, think it's discontinued though so you might want to hurry
  10. This is gorgeous bag. I see alot of them at the airport since they are a great bag to carry stuff around in. Big enough but not too big.
    Azur is lovely.
  11. I like it - just wish it was a petit noe.
  12. Its the best Azur piece imo, but the bottom does scare me...too much to worry..

    But its a beauty!!!
  13. love it...the azur is gorg.....did not realise about the botton, so you would have to be careful...but a lovely bag :smile: