azur noe

  1. thoughts on this bag??? I just someone at SCP carrying it and she looked so cute, made me consider it.
  2. thats a HOT bag!
  3. GORGEOUS the nicest NOE ever
  4. I think its so beautiful.......but not for me...I think its a tad too boxy below and I dont like vachetta bottoms...
  5. It's definitely the nicest one ever, my second choice would be in multicolor!
  6. I too saw a lady with azur noe the other hot hot day and it looked fabulous!!
  7. Azur Noe is pretty to look at, but it's too high maintenance for me (vachetta on the bottom).
  8. It is hot bag.
  9. this is a delightful bag. Casual and pretty.
    I saw a woman going thru the Frankfurt airport with one.
  10. I think it is beautiful; I wish they'd bring out the petite noe in the azur!
  11. I think it's lovely!
  12. I love this bag, but it's just a tad too big for me for everyday...I still think it's lovely! If it ever came out in the petit, I would definitely buy one and sell my mono!
  13. Its a pretty bag! I love all types of noe and further more in one of my favourite motif and color- damier azur:heart:

    But i forsee its gonna be a pain to maintain it.
  14. I'm not a Noe fan, but if you like this bag, go for it! The Azur is gorgeous.
  15. I think its gorgeous.