Azur Noe or Azur Saleya MM?


Azur Noe or Azur Saleya MM?

  1. Azur Noe

  2. Azur Saleya MM

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  1. I want a shoulder bag for the summer that I can fit a jacket into, and I already have the Azur Speedy 25.

    I think the Noe would be a more comfortable shoulder bag, but the negative of that bag would be the vachetta bottom. Also, does anyone think the Noe looks like a backpack?

    I'm not sure how comfortable the Saleya MM would be as a shoulder bag with the rolled handles and the width at the bottom, but I like the zipper.

    Which one would you choose? TIA!
  2. I absolutely don't like Noés, no matter which line... the shape looks so weird IMO :weird: Definitely Saleya!
  3. I'm giving the Azur Noe a pity vote (since I'm sure the Saleya will win by a landslide), but I love the Noe and it holds a ton! It's also easy on the shoulder, even if you have a lot of items inside. I know that the Saleya can be a little painful if you put a lot of things inside because of the rolled handles...

    I've been able to put in: a sweater, a couple notebooks, a text, pencil case, makeup bag, etc...there's a lot you can fit in there.

    Yes, I do think the Noe looks like a Montsouris without the flap. :lol: But I like it because I don't see anyone with the Noe...not a lot of people really like the style. :crybaby:
  4. I don't like noes except for the mini but there's just something about the idea of a noe in azur that I am attracted to. I vote Noe.
  5. I'd go with the Saleya.
  6. I vote Saleya! I'm just not a huge fan of the Noe, sorry... but I DO love how the Saleya looks in Azur!
  7. Noe - I love this shape - there is so much you can fit into it and it stays comfortable on your shoulder.
  8. I'm in the same boat as you...I already have a Azur Speedy 30...and am thinking of getting the Azur Saleya MM. I too, am concerned w/ the rolled handles.

    Also...I was sorta thinking to myself...if it is weird to get another Azur bag, since I already have the Speedy. But then I tell myself..."Well, you have the BH, and Mono Speedy..":shrugs: I don't know...sorta confused about this...I guess it shouldn't matter.....Anyone's thoughts on this?? :confused1:

    I already have the Baggy GM (fuchsia), Cite MM, BH....So I thought a Azur Saleya would be a nice addition..But..then again I prefer handheld. <sigh>
    I don't know...I like the Saleya MM though...and can't stop thinking about it.

    Ok...interested to read more responses in this thread cuz I "too" need some definite help/input.

    Thanks Ladies!! ...and Thanks to you, Arnott for posting this thread! :flowers:

    BTW: Yep, I voted for the Saleya MM...I never liked the Noe for the fact it has the vachetta bottom...also the opening (drawstring).
  9. No, I don't think its weird for you to get another Azur bag, because you already have multiple monogram bags! I, on the other hand don't have multiples of any line! I have the fuchsia baggy pm, pomme roxbury drive, Azur Speedy 25 and Monogram Speedy 30. I prefer shoulder bags in general for ease of use, though I think hand-held bags are usually cuter.

    You're welcome. :flowers:
  10. My vote goes to the Saleya!
  11. Thanks for your input! :yes:

    It just seems I use my Speedies most. This would be shoulder bag # 4 for me. I was initially going to get the Hampstead. But I thought another "brown bag". (Perhaps for Xmas).:shrugs:

    I mean...the 3 shoulder bags I do have 2 are brown (mono). So that's why I thought...since I'm lovin' my Azur Speedy, and have been shopping around for a shoulder bag maybe the Saleya would be good. Plus, I kinda want some variety. Also, I like the zipper top of the Saleya (different from my BH, and the Hampstead) also the Azur is a nice change from all the brown I wear but LOVE SO MUCH! (Btw, I live in So Calif...So I'd be able to wear the Azur 340 days a yr practically..) LOL!!

    But, then I'm like 2 Azur bags..??? I start thinking since I prefer handhelds maybe just stick w/ the Azur speedy and not get another? UGH!! But like I said I have the BH, and Speedy?? This is making me CRAZY!! :wacko: :upsidedown:

    LOL....I've been circling this for weeks.....:rolleyes:
  12. Pick Saleya MM. I'm planning to get Saleya PM in azur later on, Saleya MM is a little too big for me. I'm only 5'1. I like noe but in epi line.
  13. I'm totally biased. I love the Saleya. :heart: :p
    Azur Saleya MM.JPG Azur II.JPG
  14. Haha, whistlerchic!! You're pics make me FLIP OUT!!:drool: LOL!! I must have that bag!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!! Love love!! :love:

    What to do?? What to do?!?!?!?!??!? :sweatdrop: :push: :shrugs:
  15. ^^ Girl you gotta get this bag!