Azur Noe on Elux right now!!!!

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  1. Grab it if you want it!!!!![​IMG]
  2. So nice of you! Someone get it, and post loads of pics!
  3. Beautiful!!
  4. argh! i wanted to see pics and its gone already!! does anyone know the price of this?
  5. ok, normally i don't like the noe... but it's so pretty in damier azur!
  6. $900
  7. wth? missed it!:shocked:
  8. Thanks!
  9. Someone should get this bag, you can be the first to model it on tPF :graucho: as I have yet to see it on this forum
  10. There's one in the clubhouse.
  11. ^ Oh...d'oh, lol :lol:
  12. I normally don't like the noe either but the azur one is very nice:heart: My LV has not received any Azur Noe yet:confused1:
  13. crud! I want that purse.....I hate it when sleep and work get in the way of my shopping addiction!!!:nuts:
  14. After I read this, I immediately looked her up...sigh, lucky gal! :crybaby: I don't know why I lust after these bags when technically I don't need them...
  15. dang. i missed it. i didnt even get to see pics..