Azur Neverfull release

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  1. does anyone know when it's comin out? especially in asia? i live in the philippines and our shop here doesn't have it yet
  2. Hi! I'm from MANILA like you!
    As if you don't realize we are always slow in stocks:sad:.
    I've been waiting for the release of neverfull in damier since sept last year because i'd like to partner it w/ my zippy damier wallet.
    I end up buying damier saleya pm last november instead.
    IT"S gorgeous anyway!
    But lo & behold......the threads said last november that almost all country had damier neverfull already.
    While US!!!:confused1: nada!
    I gave this damier another shot this january but there's none yet:cursing:.
    So....i got myself 1 monogram neverfull mm instead.

    dont wait for will take you 5 years of waiting....hehehe:wlae:

    JOIN THE CROWD....get a neverfull now:yahoo:
  3. i called the shop. the lady was sooo evasive. she did say that guam and japan have it already. i'll call na lang friends who live there to buy it for me. it's gonna be perfect for summer!
  4. You should really do a search before starting a new thread, there are many threads on this topic...
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.