Azur Neverfull needed

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  1. Hi everyone.I am strongly considering an Azur neverfull in MM.So much so I called my boutique and told the girl to reserve one for me. I will come on Sat-- this weekend-- to look it over....I LOVE the azur color and the neverfull look ...just wondering is this a good choice? I own NO azur items at all,so like trasnfer..I have no idea about either??? At this point my collection is only monogram-brown and also colored.... Any pros cons would be so deeply appreciated!!
  2. I have the Damier Ebene NF and my aunt's coworker has the Azur. She got hers about a week before me, and she said hers has already gotten dirty from being so light and rubbing on her dark jeans. I'm sure it's not too hard to clean, though. Just a thought!
  3. That is one thing I am scared of...the dirt issue/ or color transfer...
  4. When I was looking at the bag, the SA was saying that you shouldn't wear dark jeans with it. I've seen several azur bags on eBay with this jean colour transfer, so that could be an issue. With that being said, I used to have the azur speedy and I had no problems with colour transfer issues. :yes:
  5. I saw it at my boutique and despite my earlier posts saying I was getting one, I am not. After seeing it IRL, it lacked the appeal I was hoping it would have. The interior of the bag looked like and old man's boxers. This bag could have been so desireable if they did the interior in lilac, periwinkle, apricot or rose.
  6. I don't have an Azur NF but I have had the Speedy 30 in Azur since it first came out. I wear jeans all the time and sure enough, I do have color transfer on my bag. Some of it came off when I used a damp cloth on it but there is still some blue in the corners. It doesn't bother me much but it did at first. I also typically wear very dark jeans and medium dark jeans at the lightest if that helps at all.
  7. ..I was also wondering about the transfer...I am wondering if it would hit my jeans being a shoulder bag, but what if I wore a bright colored top??
  8. That is soo funny!! You made me look at the inside of it =) ..that too is what I am wondering does it have the flair regular Lvs have???..
  9. That does help =) I appreciate EVERYONE'S help and advice...I am sooo torn...
  10. I do have white multi color monogram now so it does show some marks,but not too bad as I only wear it in summer months.I need a good summer I am bored with my MC speedy .. and just cant use my brown monogram in summer it feels too dark for I just weird???
  11. ^^^^^^^ u sound like me lol i need a good summer bag. i knew the mono would be the perfect year round bag but it seem to wash me out for some unkown reason but it looks simply gorgeous on other....but i'm concerned about the color transfer of the azur as i do looove to wear jeans in the summer...
  12. OMG ....YES!!! ITA...I LOVE the monogram look on everyone else even in the summer but for me looks -feels too dark.I have the white multi color 30 speedy yet have done it 2 summers in a row so burnt on that...Just not sure if the bag will be too light and get dirty and trasfer so much I will hate using it?? Also not sure how comfy the NF even is? So many decisions...and I hate deciding at the LV boutique especially since DH and 5 yo DD will be with me ....sigh!!!!
  13. Neverfull in Azur to me is a perfect Spring/Summer bag
  14. yes yes yes i know the feeling when u have other people with u who don't get your bag obsession it's very hard 2 stand there for hours pondering your purchase lol...well i'm not a fan of nf at all....i love the look of speedy....but if u know u will carry the azur every single say i would'nt get it because if u are anal like me once it gets dirty u won't want to use it and lv's are 2 expensive to not be used and loved....
  15. i have been on and off about this bag but I caved in and ordered it. I should be getting it today. I needed a spring/summer bag that's durable and it is. I mean it's a tote and when carried it shouldn't reach your jeans, The azur eva however when worn messenger style will indeed suffer from transfer if worn with dark colored denim. It's not my fave bag in the wordld but imo it's the most durable light colored bag. Any light bag will require more care but you should be fine.