Azur Neverfull MM or Azur Speedy 30?

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Azur Neverull MM or Azur Speedy 30?

  1. Neverfull MM azur

  2. Speedy 30 azur

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  1. I can't make up my mind! I love my damier ebene Speedy 30 (the first and only LV I have) and want something in azur for spring/summer. I have been debating my choice for about a month now. I am really just debating between these two now. Please tell me which of these you would choose and why? I have read tons of threads about pros and cons on these so it didn't help me choose!
  2. This is my exact dilemma right now too...same bags. I'm no help LOL! I'm curious about the answers LOL!
  3. Neverfull in Azur. IMHO, I think the Speedy 30 in Azur doesn't look as nice as the 25.
  4. I think they are both classics, but the speedy has more of a history. The speedy was my first bag (in mono) and what I always rec. as a first LV. In addition although popular- I don't like the NF. I have heard the straps dig into your shoulders too. HOWEVER you should but what YOU lOVE..

    Congrats On getting your first LV.
  5. I vote NF. I think in spring and summer, I wouldn't want a handheld bag. (I'm not a handheld bag person in general, especially when it's warm and my hands are sweaty.)
  6. i went through this same struggle. it all ended once i got to my LV. they didnt have any MIF azur speedy bags so i got the NF MM & i LVoe it!!!!
  7. Omg I'm going through the same decision! Speedy 35 or Azur NF in GM? Speedy is so beautiful but the NF is more practical because of the straps.... Ugh, such a difficult decision. Sorry if I'm no help.

    Speedy is more classic. I'm more leaning towards Speedy but something about that NF has me double thinking.
  8. I do worry about the straps either digging into my shoulder (I have one bad shoulder) or them being so darn narrow. However, I do think a tote for spring/summer would be nice and this is the one in my price range. I have a speedy and love it so should I just stick with a style I like or be brave and go for the tote? AHHHH the dilemma drives me crazy!
  9. i would get the NF if it(speedy) is your only bag. i hae both your options and love the versatility to go with the flow, i think the speedy azur and something else damier will be next on my list. dont forget to let us know what you choose
  10. Good luck with whatever you decide! I voted for the Neverful, only because you will have the option of having a shoulder bag as well.
  11. i like damier collections better
    cuz i think it looks more classy!!
  12. o wait u are asking for meverfull or speedy ahha
    lol really depend on how u are gonna use the bag
    like neverfull is good for school~
    but i don't really like shoulder bags (when u put a lot of things in it)
    i like holding it in my hands better haha

    speedy for me~
  13. I am just using it as a purse. I don't want to overload any purse I have because of my bad right shoulder
  14. I love the Speedy 30 size and chose that. :tup:

    I love my Neverfull but I'd prefer it in the Damier Ebene because the vachetta is glazed and won't get as dirty.
  15. Personally I'd get the speedy, but that's because I'm not a tote person and I love my speedy. If you want variety in your collection and would use a tote then get the NF, but if you don't think you'll use it as much as the speedy then there's no reason to not get another. Good luck!