azur neverfull mm/gm or azur noe?

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  1. hi! i have been pondering an azur bag for the summer. i'd like a bag for my shoulder- it's just easier. i liked the neverfull bc i do think it has a beac hy feel to it, but designing style said the interior reminded her of old men's boxers. :biggrin: now i can't get that out of my head!

    what ar eyour thoughts? tia!
  2. Not a fan of the larger Noe, but the Azur Noe is beautiful and I've seen it look oh so beautifully on some Ladies. The NF is a tote to me so my vote is for the Noe over the Neverfull.

  3. I don't have any help for you because I was all for it, then I read what she said, and I too can't get it out of my head and it's really turning me off the Azur Neverfull...
  4. Old men's boxers!! :nuts: Now it's stuck in my head too.
  5. ^ sorry! ;)
  6. Don't like the Noe, but the NF MM is great...
    its georogous for suure .
  8. Not a NF fan, did have the Mono Noe years ago, it was a great bag, so I vote Noe~
  9. :lolots: Old mens's boxers! Sooo funny. She's right, though.....

    Get the Noe! I just got the Mono and the Noe is very classic. I NEVER even considered it until I saw this French woman carrying one and it looked so elegant, just hanging from her shoulder. Hers had a dark honey patina so you could tell she loved it. I love mine - it's so lightweight and you can fit a ton of stuff inside. I am torn sometimes between it and my Speedys.
  10. ..I am leaning towards the neverfull MM..will know for sure when I go Sat .I guess it just depends how much stuff you actually carry?
  11. well, i love totes and i love the noe. it is a super comfy bag. super. ugh. so hard to choose!!!
  12. ITA...I am going through this same thing!! VERY hard to choose!! GL..
  13. I have an azur noe, and I LOVE's really big, and it hangs pretty low even on the shortest setting. It's practically impossible to keep it from rubbing on my jeans!
    Also, the base is so delicate, and it tends to bang off everything. lol

    I'm also getting the azur nf, because I ADORE azur, and I think it will be more functional.

    If I had to pick only one, though, it would be tough. The nf is more functional (I have a mono one, and I LOVE it) but the azur noe is just to die for gorgeous!
  14. neverfull mm
  15. nf mm!