Azur Mini Pochette? Pics?

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  1. Is there a Azur Mini Pochette? I've can't remember seeing one before. I'm thinking of getting a Mini Pochette but I want something other than mono (all my LV bags are mono canvas) and I don't really like the normal damier but I am liking the Azur damier so would consider getting the Mini Pochette in Azur.... if there's such a thing.

    If they do make this, and anyone has one, would you mind posting pictures?


  2. Yes, the DA Mini Pochette was made.

    Try using the search feature above... there are plenty of pics posted by fellow TPF'ers in the Visual Aids thread. ;)
  3. Sure! Here you go:


    You can also check the Azur Clubhouse and the Photo Thread in LV Reference Area.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.