Azur Mini Pochette or Regular Pochette?


Taking everything into consideration, which one would you get?

  1. Azur Mini Pochette

  2. Azur Pochette

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  1. Ok, I've been insanely LV obsessed lately :nuts: and since I dont get to purchase often, I carefully analzye prior to every purchase! The choice is the Mini Pochette or the Regular sized Pochette Accessories. I want something that will be a good bang for the buck and that I will use often in a way that people can actually see and enjoy it. (I;m currently not wealthy enough to spend $$ on designer items that wills it unseen inside other bags :push: ) For background, I already have the regular pochette and wapity. Here are my current thoughts:

    Mini Pochette - It seems really small but I love the chain!! Its so cute. I can see myself using this inside other bags but it would remain unseen. I love how this looks as a wristlet (many thanks to baby&melovelv's pics in a previous thread I posted) but I wonder how often I would be able to use it since it is small and if it would be redundant since I have a wapity and coach wristlet already. It's probably not the best bang for your buck since for about $50 mroe I could get the regular pochette and this cannot be used as a purse for my purposes, just as a quick trip out or for errands or the gym. I feel its not sufficient for a "going out" bag. More casual.

    Pochette Accessories - It looks great on the shoulder but terrible as a wristlet in my opinion so I personally would never wear it like that. I already have the mono version. I can see myself using this sometimes if I need a small purse. It seems get get more bag for your buck than the mini but its not as cute.

    Please feel free to add any input! or personal experience.
  2. I have a minim you should get both but if you need to carry more stuff go for the regular pochette and than get the mini later on...
  3. Mini...WAY cuter...I plan on getting one myself. :yes:
  4. I feel like the regular pochette would be a better investment since you state that you could wear it as a small bag and it fits on the shoulder! I also think its casual enough to wear as a wristlet too.
  5. My vote went for the Regular Pochette. ;)
  6. You should go for the regular Pochette. Seems like a better investment....compared to the mini. :smile:
  7. REgular! I don't like the minis too much.
  8. pochette
  9. my vote is for the regular pochette
  10. Regular - you can always hang a charm on it to sparkle it up plus you could get a long strap eventually and wear as a messenger. I vote regular!
  11. Pochette! You can store more stuff in it. It's much more functional, and just as cute!
  12. I dont like either - sorry!
  13. regular azur pochette. You can put more stuff inside. I like it better too the mini is too small.
  14. I love my mini, It fits inside my bags perfectly and is super cute as a wristlet for going out, but then I don't have anything else small like you said you did. They both are great choices!
  15. i voted for the mini 'cause of the chain strap! plus, it makes a cute little clutch.