Azur, Mini Lin or Mono Speedy???

  1. Ladies, with all the speedy's coming out:yahoo: which one would you get if you could only get one? Is the mono still the #1 speedy???:confused1:
  2. I'd get Azur! :biggrin:
  3. Mono. I still prefer that over the other lines.
  4. But what I can see in pics, Azur line is HOT, I would go for Azur, just for being different and still versatile.
  5. the Mono Speedy is definitely the classic. but didn't you just get the Damier Speedy? i'd go for the Mini Lin if i were you - it's the least similar of the three to your Damier Speedy.
  6. azur for sure.. :yes:
  7. mini lin cuz i'm scared of the patina on the azur!
  8. I like the look of the mini-lin too:heart:
  9. Yup, i did...thats why i was debating on the Azur since its a light colored bag. But i really like the mini lin too:graucho: . I already have the Mono. Im thinking what i really need is the popincourt haut since its a shoulder tote bag type because I already have (3 hand helds) the damier & mono speedy & the batignolles.

    Im loving them all- the PH, Azur & Mini Lin Speedy!!!:love:
  10. azur! hahaha but i love it in mini-lin as well
  11. :confused1: Tough decision here....I have to see them side by side...but right now mini Lin:nuts:
  12. hey! how about this bag? Surprisingly, it has alota thing happening around.... :s
  13. too much going on for my taste
  14. lolz! ITA... alota thing happening around it...It's unusual... hehe esp. here in manila:yes: , we definitely don't wanna be called as "ala-madam-auring"... Right?:graucho:
  15. I like the monogram.