Azur meet heart.

  1. Just have time to take photo...:roflmfao:
    DSC08676.jpg DSC08679.jpg
  2. Congrats! :heart:Pomme and MC Coeurs!
  3. Looks stunning ... I love the POMME heart with the azur ... it is so vibrant and the colour is amazing:love:
  4. I KNEW it'd look HOT together!!!!:heart:
  5. looks great!!!
  6. awwwww pretty!! cute!! adorable!! and i enjoyed the title so sweet loool
    congratulations sweetie.. may i ask u whats ur favorate heart? :nuts: is it MC or Pomme? :heart:
  7. beautiful!
  8. So cute!!
  9. :smile: Wow! They both look great on your Azur!
  10. Beautiful! Love the pomme on azur!!!
  11. Very nice!
  12. How gorgeous are they together, congrats ! :yes:
  13. Pretty pairing.
  14. So cute.
  15. Your Pomme heart looks great on your Azur!