Azur makes me sad!

  1. So I took my two day old Azur pochette out to the mall today and while we were out eating lunch I noticed some darker areas on it, apparently my jacket must have rubbed on it enough to transfer color. There is some rubbing on the edge of it and on two of the lighter squares.

    I'm so sad! I tried washing them with soap and water and they just won't go away. Now I'm afraid to use it... LOL this is why I didn't want a whole bag in this pattern, it's a nightmare! I'm ready to post it on Ebay since I can't return it. :crybaby:
  2. Why can't you return it? You should go back to the store and tell them it's unacceptable. Maybe someone at LV can tell you how to remove the mark. It should not be ruined after 48 hours of normal use.
  3. ^aww sorry to hear that. Take it to the boutique--maybe they have some tips for getting the stains out?
  4. saddle soap?

  5. what is saddle soap?

    And it wasn't even 48 hours of use, it was about 3 hours... just one trip to the mall.
  6. Can you tell me what your jacket is made of? My azur wallet gets banged around and still looks new, but it might be sensitive just to a certain material. I'm sorry about the color. I"m sure there must be a way to get it out.
  7. I would call the store and tell them you wish to return it:yes:
  8. Oh my gosh! I didn't think they were susceptible to color transfer. :sad: I agree with everyone else. Take it to LV and show them what happened. I would return it or see if they can fix it.
  9. my jacket is made of polyester.

    At first I didn't think it was the jacket, it looks kind of like the darker color on the pattern spread to the lighter areas. I was thinking if my jacket was going to transfer color, why didn't it transfer on both sides where my jacket touched while it was on my arm?

    I think i will take it in tomorrow. After 3 hours of use, part of it against and old jacket, i don't see how it can be normal wear.
  10. Yeah, you should def. bring that in. The canvas shoulsn't be doing that, it especially shouldn't be staying after you try to wash it. Can you post a pic?

    I wish you luck tomorrow, sorry that had to happen to you already :sad:
  11. Hmm, sounds like you might have gotten it that way. =(
    Can you post a pic? Hopefully, LV can replace it.
  12. That is totally unacceptable! Don't let it go and just sell it on eBay. Bring it back to the store and make your complaint! Where the heck is LV's quality control these days? My $20 cheapo bags don't do that and neither do my high-end bags. This shouldn't be happening to LVs.
  13. attempting to get the photos posted... :smile: It looks lighter in the pics then it does in person.
  14. Oh no, I´m so sorry that happened.
  15. ok here they are, the first one shows the two main spots the second shows them a little better (four circles), where the "louis vuitton" in the pattern is it is kind of smeared, it's the same way on both the "louis vuitton" stamps on that side, but not on the other side. In fact there is no discoloration on the other side.

    Oh and it's A LOT darker in person... if it looked that light IRL i wouldn't be so upset!
    twospots.jpg fourspots.jpg