azur love-hate relationship

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  1. So here's the thing:
    When I got on this board i fell in love with the speedy azur. I saved money, I ordered one. It took me several months till I finally got the money and the bag in the store.
    When I went to the store they showed me the bag and I was soooo dissapointed. It looked light, small and cheap to me. The handles were so tiny, felt like shoelaces (maybe I have gigantic hands :wtf: ) It was cute but not 500$-cute... So I went with the mini lin speedy which i loved at first sight and still love.

    Now every time i see the speedy azur posted here I still drool. especially when somenone poses with the bag, with an outfit that makes it pop. I want a speedy azur! What's wrong with me?

    Should I order it again, or maybe try the saleya?
    (The store isn't close to my home so I can't go check things out regulary)
  2. aww i am sorry Azur didn't work out w/u IRL, did u try the 30? It's bound to be light just like Damier/Mono canvas....if you already have a mini lin speedy, i agree w/u to get another bag other than speedy :yes:
  3. The Azur Saleya is TO DIE FOR!! Everytime I see that bag on someone I turn green. Hee hee....
  4. I have the azur saleya and I just love it! They are in stock in the stores now and keep checking elux. Love your mini lin speedy too!
  5. Yes..Azur is so lovely..I've got one..and love her...Very proud to take her out! You shall get's a best prize for yourself!
  6. ya I know what you mean... when my SA showed it to me I was like...."it's....soft.............." lol I really like the colour combo of the canvas but the inside has that canvas lining which I don't like..... If you're still into this line, you should defeinitely consider the saleya or pampelonne if your store still has it :yes:
  7. I really :heart: my Azur speedy, and love Azur in general! You should definitely think about a Saleya or maybe even an accessory like the Koala! The line's just so adorable IMO!
  8. You should try the Saleya. It has a better lining. I love azur :heart: :love:
  9. I know what you mean- I love:heart: the azur but in person didn't care for either size speedy- I'm waiting to find a saleya pm
  10. The thing about this pattern is that... from afar...looks really fresh and different...not to mention truely stylish...but..

    Up close, it does seem like it can look a bit less than the price tag quality and the color seems not that great close up, etc....

    So go with your instincts on this one....or give yourself some time to research it more.....
  11. I like the azur speedy when I see them on Pfers here but for some reason, it just doesn't look good on me. So I ended up getting a mini pochette in damier azur since I wanted something small from this line. Sometime we think we may love a particular handbag because it looks so good on others but what can we do if it just doesn't work on us?!
  12. You could always get it, play with it a little and then return it if you still don't like it?
  13. I sold my Azur Speedy and was sad b/c I loved the color so much, so I just bought the pochette accessories instead to use as a clutch/makeup bag :smile:
  14. I agree with the general consensus- get yourself something small.
  15. Th azur is beautiful. I would try a saleya or the small accessories~