Azur line...seasonal now....

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  1. Called the 866 # to inquire about the azur speedy and make sure that it is permanent anyhow, the lady on the phone said that they are now seasonal and not permanent. Now they are sold out in Canada and you have to get on a wait list until they get more in. Sometimes the 866 agents are not that informed...can anyone confirm that azur is permanent and you can get an azur speedy later in the season?? Thanks:smile:
  2. In their website, they said it is permant line
  3. Oh, que horrible. I hope not, I need the speedy 25 azur for my one 07 purchase.... i hope i hope...
  4. oh no, I was hoping to get it in 07 also! Can someone else confirm this?! I hope its not true:crybaby::wtf:
  5. I just called the 866 # back and a different agent that said glad.... I wonder why the other agent said seasonal. They are so not informed are they. Glad that there is no hurry to get an azur piece until the spring. Maybe the agent thought they were seasonal because the stock is very low and people are on wait lists. AZUR IS PERMANENT....YEAH!!! That will be my summer bag of choice....
  6. That's great it's permanant, but I hope they don't rid of the original damier.
  7. I trust the sources here more than the reps at 866 VUITTON.
  8. :s I'm not giving up hope with LV but I haven't had the best experience with CS. It seems like one person tells me one thing and another tells me another. It doesn't surprise me that one agent thought it was a seasonal line and the other says it is permanent. I'm just sad that a company like LV doesn't have their act together. But, like I said, I'm not giving up hope!!!:smile:

  9. :yes: :yes:

    :yes: :yes:

    you made my heart skip a beat there lvpug
  10. Phew! I'm so glad it's permanent because I really want a speedy 30 for my bday in March! It seems like forever away!!
  11. AHHHHH meee tooooooooooooooo!!! I'm going crazy waiting for March to come!!!
  12. Never doubt tPfers!!!!!! :yahoo: :wlae: :jammin:

  13. LOL Me too!!

  14. True :yes: :yes: