Azur line is seasonal not permanent...

  1. After getting a post from Taco I called back LV and got a different SA and this sales agent told me that I was misinform and that the iconic pieces like the speedy will be permanent. The cruise collection pieces are the ones that will be seasonal and will include an Azur tote. Sorry for any think the sales reps would have all the same info. Anyhow I can hold off on the speedy now that I know that it is permanent....:flowers:
  2. Thanks for the update.
  3. Good to know. Thanks!!!
  4. i thought that the collection was permanent, but that a few items would be a one shot deal... such as the cabas plage. but if not, i better get on the waiting list at my local store!
  5. thanks for the update..I just don't want to be MC line. They told us it's seasonal..
  6. The Mgr at SCP thinks differently as does LV itself.
    The 866 people weren't even aware of the Groom items last week.

    Memo from LVMH states only the Plage is limited time & the rest is permanent.
    Permanent new family all stores
  7. i asked today a SA and she told me it would be permanent :shrugs:
  8. I just called LV in NC and they told me it was permanent, but right now the production will be limited, by next year they will have as many as mono line.:yes:
  9. I personally think it will be permanent...I don't have to hurry to get one..
  10. 866 is notorious for having the wrong info. They told some of us that LV didn't make groom scarves or Bandeus & last week an 866 SA didn't even know what Groom was.. I don't put to much faith in them. The only thing they do well is search stock that is already in stores IMO.
  11. Thank you Taco!!! The sales reps at 1866 are not all informed...they had me worried about missing out on the Azur speedy anyhow no worries it is permanent :yahoo: .
  12. You are out wrong info is awful. Now I will second guess whatever they tell me when asking about collection releases etc...the info off of this board is more accurate.
  13. No problem, my heart stopped there for a minute when I first read your post, but a search turned up the memos posted by a great PFer & I thoght I'd share. My SA & Mgr. have always said permanent so I shouldn't have worried at all.
    866 is good for searching stock on hand only.
  14. my heart almost stopped there for a second becuase although i am on the waiting list i was going to wait to get myself the speedy. Phew.., that was a close one
  15. glad that scan could be of help, i got it from a friend on another board as well as the cruise 07 line scan :smile: i can't wait for the azur line, i want to get a noe in it :smile: