Azur Leather

  1. i am going to get a damier azur speedy and i was wondering how its the leather its is soft a harder leather etc. because im picutures it looks really soft and delicate:shrugs:
  2. The only leather on the speedy are the handles and the trim (piping). The majority of the bag is made of treated canvas (synthetic material). You would think you're getting leather because of the outrageous prices LV charges, but all the monogram and damier styles are made of canvas!
  3. It's basically canvas and plastic. Very durable and sturdy plastic though, so no worries.
  4. That's what my SO argues whenever I want a new purse :lol:

    To the OP, if you did mean the leather trim, handles they are just the regular vachetta like on all the other bags ;)

  5. Well outrageous is different to everyone. ;)
  6. Lindsay, i think you should get it, the color would be gorgeous on your cocoa goddess self... I'm getting one too! So, a little biased, it should last forever... I mean, like to pass down to the next generation... haha:yes: do it grrrl.
  7. Go for the Damier Azur Speedy... I'm going for it in two weeks. And she's right... it does look good next to the cocoa complexion...

  8. Get it!
  9. I love the Azur and I have a couple of pieces on hold for me and I'm going to look tomorrow (I know the SA here well). I LOVE the Noe and think thats the one I will get, and the mini pochette.