azur launch in australia

  1. when will azur be launched in australia? anyone knows?

    will it be on 1st nov? but thats on wed, is that right? somehow doesnt feel right if they have a launching on weekdays..

    anyone in melbourne going on the launch date?
  2. i heard that it is everywhere on the 1st november
  3. I heard that Sydney have items if you want to VIEW them but it should be launched for sale on 1st Nov:yes: I can't wait to see it IRL:yahoo:
  4. I asked the SA (at Crown) on Tuesday and apparently they haven't gotten the Azur line in yet
  5. Sydney usually receives the first shipment and then other stores receive their allocations.....anyone in Sydney had a viewing yet???;)
  6. :graucho: I know BUT...:hysteric: I haven' already know why.:sad: :heart:
  7. Yep, in Thailand, Azur would also be launched on Nov 1.
    I cant wait to see it as well!
  8. I might go have a look in the sydney store tomorrow :P
  9. lets all invade LV on nov 1st! LOL!
  10. hehe imageine a bunch of PFers standing outside the door at 10am waiting for it to open.
  11. i think i'm gonna do that. no more uni as of this week. wait...i'm supposed to be studying for exams, but oh well. LV takes priority. LOL!