Azur Launch Date & info

  1. Damier azur does indeed launch on Nov 1st and it IS coated canvas. I just spoke with an SA at teh Copley Store, and its all confirmed
  2. yup thats' what my SA told me..
  3. Thank you dear.
  4. ugh.:yucky:

    I've gotta see this in person but I'm not doong flips about the uncoated canvas.
  5. Thanks for the info!!!!!!

    Oh I can't wait to go and pay it a visit! :yahoo:
  6. You is coated ;)
  7. Thanks for the info!
  8. Im really excited! I cant wait to see what the damier azur is all about. :smile:
  9. :nuts: COATED :yahoo: Thanks for the info:flowers: Might not be able to buy any till after Christmas:hysteric:
  10. sooo no patina?
  11. there is patina
    but the vinyl is coated liked the mono

    i cant wait! my rents are going to get it for me for christmas!!!
  12. hmmm I keep looking at pics and now I'm thinking maybe a speedy 25 in this line. anyone know how availability is going to be in the initial launch?
  13. Have to agree that Speedy is pretty darn cute! :love:

    And with coated canvas and a little Wilson's on the vachetta there's half a chance I can keep it nice looking! :idea:

    Am I the only one who finds the fashion seasons annoying?? I bet they will be sold out by April right about the time I would consider carrying the bag due to the light color. So instead it will have to sit in the closet until then! :sad:

  14. Oh :shame:

    Thanks. That's good:flowers:
  15. excited! :happydance: I hope to get the speedy for my birthday next month.