Azur: koala or french purse?

  1. Which one would you get and why? I need a wallet to go with my new speedy 25, I've already got the pochette and cles, just not sure I need a french wallet in this case. The koala is sooo cute (reminds me of my coach wallet)!
  2. I have a Koala Agenda, and love that Koala clip lock. I don't like the look of the plain (by comparison with Koala) tab on the French.
  3. Yeah me neither....but the koala is sooooooo expensive, I can't see myself spending retail on a wallet when I can buy a handbag for that price, know what I mean?
  4. i just bought azur koala last night. it's soo cute:smile:
    get koala! french is too deep in my opinion.
  5. Koala has a small change compartment while the french purse has a huge one. I tried out the koala but returned it because I couldn't stand the coin section. I would choose french purse. The only negative thing about the french purse (for me) is how deep the bill compartment is...harder to get bills in.
  6. i like the french purse more....seems to have more style
  7. my vote goes to the french purse
  8. koala, the buckle is so cute
  9. I like the koala.
  10. I prefer the Koala.
  11. I love the koala. The clip in the front makes is so unique.
  12. <-----i dont like the koala type clasp, it get scratched easily, but thats just ME.
  13. I love koala!
  14. I love the French wallet! :yes:
  15. Koala. Love the gold clasp