Azur items in Calgary Holt?

  1. Does anybody know the current inventory of damier azur items at the Holt Renfrew in Calgary, especially the Saleya PM?

    I'm thinking of crossing over to this light side, although not a fan originally but slowing getting sucked in... :graucho:
  2. Last time I was there...on Sunday...they did have the Saleya in stock! It was on display along with the Azur pochette :nuts:
  3. OOhhh, temptation! Did you happen to catch the price?
  4. No... I didn't ask!
  5. *note to self* - visit Calgary Holt when you land, Helen ;)
  6. The Saleya PM is $885 US
  7. Good luck :smile: Good bag to welcome spring!
  8. Thanks! But I'm wondering the official Canadian retail price.. I would guess $900 but then again I'm bad at the Canadian price estimation in general :p

    Actually it might not matter anymore cause I'm thinking of the Speedy 25 instead since the Saleya seems too big for me, and my roommate will buy it anyway. Now, to suffer through waitlists and all since I have yet to put my name on one.. :crybaby:
  9. It's about 1100cad or maybe a little less than that
  10. Sara, I was just looking at last year's price list...
    The Saleya PM was listed at $980 and the MM at $1100, so I'm expecting that it's around that price still...