Azur is SO much prettier in person!

  1. Were you the young lady shopping this past Monday at the Off Fifth store in the Niagara Falls Fashion Outlet Mall in Niagara Falls, NY? Because the Damier Azur Speedy you were carrying was bee-yoo-ti-ful!

    I've seen a zillion pics of the Azur line online, but until yesterday, had never seen any of it in person. What a difference! Online it was nothing that excited me, but when you walked past me, my jaw dropped, for sure. You walked by pretty quickly, so I had no chance to compliment you on your bag, or to take a real good look at it, as I would have liked.

    Anyway, it is nice to know, after reading hundreds of excited Azur posts on tpf, that it really IS lovely. (Great... something else to lust after. Just what I needed.:cursing:)
  2. Yes, its definitely beautiful. Everytime someone carries it, I never fail to take a second look :tup:
  3. ITA it is even more gorgeous IRL!!
  4. I went to LV on sunday and looked/tried on the speedy 30. It is fab, not sure for me though. I haven't seen anyone (I live in Hawaii) with a azur, yet.

    I agree, it's more lovely in person than in pics.
  5. I agree.

    Its more prettier in person, this girl at my school has one in 25 and I cant stop staring at her purse, she must think Im a stalker or something, ha.
  6. I love Azur. When it first came out, I wasn't that attracted to it but (don't ask me why) I bought a pochette anyway. Now I'm in love with my pochette (especially since the patina on it is starting to become DARK now!) and I've considered buying another bag in Azur!! Maybe Speedy did I just say I considered buying a Speedy? Hm.
  7. I love it in person too, I just can't bring myself to carry it! I bought it and got rid of it right away out of fear! LOL
  8. i think i have only seen people carrying the azur speedy 3 or 4 times on streets... but everytime i pop in my local store.. i have to take a look at the azur hehe
  9. It is stunning IRL!
  10. azur is one of my fav LV line! i'm so happy i bought the speedy :love:
  11. i love this line. Had to purchase two bags from it. I really hope the neverfull comes out in Azur, I want one so bad.
  12. wonder how the neverfull will look in azur..i guess it will look really similar like saleya..but with a slouch...hmm...that's very chic...any photos around with neverfull in damier ebene or azur?

  13. Me too!!!!! I am dying for it to come out!!! NOW!
  14. I don't own any azure yet but I it did look very pretty in the store when I seen it.
  15. I love the Azur line so much. I now have a Pochette, 4-key holder, Cles and Speedy 30. The funny thing is I can totally see myself buying even more! :graucho: