Azur & Indigo Promise...

  1. I think I could do better with these pics, but ADORE the combo...:yahoo:
    Post azur & indigo2 .jpg post azure & Indigo.jpg
  2. Very nice!!!
  3. pretty!
  4. Very nice color combo...
  5. Veronika.. Mind if I post a couple pics too? :shame: I LOVE azur and indigo together as well! :drool:

  6. Yours look great too Fannita! Love this color combo.
    Also love Damier Ebene with pomme d 'amour.....:drool:
  7. looks great together!
  8. Frannita! Thank you!!! I'm excited to see this cause I'm getting azure 25 and have your agenda, so it's great to see what it will look like. I love the epi too! And, now might consider an accessory in that!!! Way to go girl! tanks!
  9. very nice combo!!! :yes:
  10. very pretty!love the combo.
  11. I love the Azur and Indigo combo (Veronika & frannita).. so pretty!!!
  12. Very nice!
  13. Pretty combos, I was wondering how Myrtille Epi would look with Azur. Thanks you two, your bags & accessories are lovely!
  14. Pretty! Thanks for sharing :nuts: Azur is growing on me :love:
  15. Looking Hot!