Azur indecision - help please!

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Which small azur bag should I get?

  1. Neverfull PM

  2. Riviera PM

  3. Neither, wait for something else

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Neither of the pastel epi bag styles were right for me, so now I'm in the position to get an azur bag for summer if I want to. I already have Galliera PM in azur (and love it).

    I've been kind of obsessed with azur Neverfull PM and just a little while ago that would have been an obvious choice. But now there's the Riviera. I'm not sure about the shape of the bag but am totally in love with the braided handles.

    I have NF GM in DE but hardly ever use it. I don't want the MM size at this time. I think the PM size would be perfect for a casual summer tote. But the zipper of the Riviera would give me more security and those handles are pure love.

    This is a tough choice because I can only add one of these to my collection and if I do, that's it for LV bags for the rest of the year.

    Please help me decide! I haven't seen the Riviera in person yet and may have to order the bag without going to the store if I want it before summer.

    I've been scouring the forum for photos of these two and would really appreciate any new pics if you have either one of these bags! :smile:
  2. I dont really like riviera. I vote for NF.. Good luck..
  3. I have both and love the Riviera
  4. I voted Riviera. Just saw the poll results, it's unanimous! 100% of the vote for the Riviera! Lol!
  5. I would go for the classic NF! It is timeless and you probably will never tire of it :love:
  6. Can you please post a comparison pic of these two? It would help me a lot!
  7. I don't like the riviera simply because it has a weird body shape. If you don't like your NF DE why by another one? Perhaps a different style like the totally DA?
  8. Noe or noe bb in azur?
  9. I don't like the huge size of the NF GM for daily use but I do like the style of the bag so the PM could work for me. I've been considering the Totally PM too, but not sure I like the diaper bag shape. :biggrin: If only I could go and compare them all at the boutique but that's not happening anytime soon.

    I'm not really into the drawstring closure.
  10. I've said the same thing about the Totally...diaper bag. But I did try a to tie a bandeau around the two handle rings (so you have a giant bow dead center of the bag, not just on one handle) and for some reason, it makes the diaper bag image go away. It's kind of cute and I prefer the Totally handles over the NF handles any day. I will be purchasing my DE and DA in Paris in June to save money...paying $1500 for a canvas bag isn't right in my book.

    But between your two choice above, I would choose the NF PM in DA.
  11. Not a fan of Riviera. Have you ever considered Artsy? :smile:

  12. great idea!!👍😃👏
  13. +1
  14. That's a great idea! This makes me reconsider Totally. It would look so cute with a bandeau like that. Yeah, the prices are getting too much for canvas…

    The Artsy is way too big and uncomfortable to carry. I'm looking for a small bag.
  15. I voted NF PM. Good luck deciding!