Azur indecision, am I crazy?

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  1. Hi guys,

    Some of you who might have read my other threads probably think that I'm crazy by now:wacko:. Let me explain: for years, I dreamt of one day owning an LV summer bag. Finally, last March I had the means to fulfill this dream. I went to the LV store and walked out with Galliera Azur, thinking that I had made the right choice. But no. At home I realized that with my summer clothes and my being short and petite, the bag just seemed too big. I also did not like how it slouched. So, the next day I returned it and went through the process of selecting one of the following to replace it: (all Azur, 'cause that's what I wanted) Berkely, Hampstead PM and Saleya PM. I LOVED the Berkeley, but decided it was too "fancy", since I wanted a multi-purpose summer bag that I could just wear anywhere. Then the Saleya, I loved it a lot, but decided it was too "plain". So, what was left was the Hampstead PM. And again I thought that I had made the right decision. Now comes the annoying part: I am not happy with the bag!!!! I hate the following things about it: the open top, I can't live without a zipper, the vachette, I don't like it, especially the patch corners, the inventeur plate, I hate all the gold, I think it's pointless AND I also hate the flat handles, I much prefer round ones (I now realize).

    SO, (sorry that I could not make this shorter) NOW I want to sell the Hampstead and, instead, get the Saleya PM (if it's still available) with a nice summary bag charm. That way I would have the zipper, no (minimum) vachetta, round handles, no extra chunks of gold, just a really low-key, beautiful and multifunctional bag.

    AM I CRAZY if I actually do this????
  2. Check out the
    Azur Speedy, its beautiful. And no your not crazy.
  3. Yes, that could also be one option, the Speedy has the same elements. The only difference is that the Saleya fits on my shoulder, which is a bonus. Thanks for your suggestion, will consider it!
  4. A nice summer purse that I have seen some ladies wear, and great for shopping, the Pochette Bosphore. Its a purse that I did try on, and its considered for both guys and girls, but it looked great on everyone that I seen using it, and it has very little vachetta, and can be worn across the body. I know its casual, but summer for me, is casual. Great to be hands free.
  5. You are so not crazy. I have been through the same thing and I know it can be really hard to make a decision. I would go for the Saleya or the Speedy with a bag charm. Don't keep something you are not in love with or you will regret it - trust me!
  6. get the azur speedy 30 with a charm to spice it up a little
  7. Thank you, so happy to hear that I'm not the only one with a dilemma like this!! I think so too, these things are supposed to bring happiness and joy, NOT annoyance...thank god LV can always be sold...
  8. Have you considered the Azur Totally PM ? ;)

    p.s. no...u r not crazy! It's hard to make decision when u can't have them all...totally understand lol
  9. you're not crazy!!!I would suggest Speedy (I have it and I love it so much!!!) or Totally if you prefer shoulder bags...I'm so sorry for Hampstead which I find so nice both in damier azur and ebene!
  10. Speedy or Totally perhaps?
  11. I'd go for the Totally if you're looking for a shoulder bag
  12. not crazy at all!!! I have a saleya mm and if I put too much stuff in it the rolled handles can be sort of uncomfy.
  13. Thank you guys, you're making me feel so much better. I KNOW, that's the horrible part, too, I know the Hampstead is a great bag and deserves to be loved, I feel bad because of this too...
  14. Hmm...I did try the Totally as well, and it's a nice bag, but I found the handles too long, I'm short, so I can't have bags hang too far down, makes my proportions look really weird, a lot of the bags that LV considers to be hand-held, I actually wear on the shoulder and I like them to be high up.
  15. ^^ Maybe if you can wait (I couldn't so I got the totally instead lol)...the azur NF is coming out soon...maybe the pm size will work for you? ;)