Azur in Saleya MM or Neverfull MM

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Azur Saleya MM or Neverfull MM ?

  1. Azur Saleya MM

  2. Azur Neverfull MM

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  1. Hi All,

    I need a work bag that fits all my essentials plus A4 documents.

    Saleya MM has a zipper closure and nicer strap, safer for travelling.
    but the bottom is so wide, it "sticks out" when worn on the shoulder.

    Neverfull MM- Have to wait although its cheaper but I dont like the strap and no zipper

    And does the Saleya MM fit a laptop?:confused1:

    Thanks Guys
  2. Wait until november and the the neverfull in damier :biggrin:
  3. Get the Neverfull. ;)
  4. I would go with the neverfull - from the pics I have seen here it looks like it should be able to fit a decent sized laptop.
  5. Haven't seen NeverfulMM IRL, so don't know about that.
    I love my Azur Saleya MM, it fits my 15' powerbook just fine.
  6. I say wait for the neverfull
  7. Neverfull. The wide base on the Saleya might get on your nerves after carrying it with all your items, laptop, etc for awhile.
  8. thanks all!
    I tried on the saleya today, I cant get pass the wide base. I guess I'll wait for the neverfull