Azur handbag with the new vernis color accesories

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  1. Just curious as to how you all feel that an Azur purse will match up with a rose pop sarah wallet and vert tonic key zip! I have found them to be kinda ackward with my plain mono (got them when I got rose speedy and love using them together but wanted to get more use with another type purse so Im seeing what else you think would look ok) I was thinking white MC could pull the pieces together but wonder if thats too colorful!
  2. the azur will look great with any of the new colors :smile:
  3. Thanks Bag Fetish after seeing every azur reveal I have a new found love for the line...just gotta decide what style (do they come out with a new style in this line every season? it seems limited in choices)
  4. Those would look SO cute with Azur!
  5. I think these would look fab, bright pop of color and all. Good idea.
  6. i think it'll look great! azur is a very fresh design and will be fabulous with some pop (literally lol)
  7. I think the blue will especially look nice with the damier azur ! :yes:
  8. ^ I was thinking the same thing!
  9. I think the new vernis colors will look terrific with Damier Azur! But, I also think they'll look awesome with Damier Ebene and Monogram.
  10. after getting so hooked on azur...last night I pass this idea by my daughter (my 9yo stylist) and hubby...both do not care for the azur...I love azur but do not care for the styles of the zippered bags...well this morning I come across a 2nd hand white MC alma! so we shall see how the items matches up! I still want azur something! Wish they made a trouville in azur....
  11. i think it'll look great!