Azur Girls: Chanel Azur Nail Polish Matches!!

  1. Chanel Spring 2008 is in stores now and 2 of the new polishs match LV Azur: they are called AZUR (stunning sparkly light blue) and WHITE SATIN (creamy white).
  2. cute! I'd like to check it out!
  3. CUTE!!!! Thanks!
  4. cool, thanks for the info!
  5. thanks for the info
  6. sounds great! i wished there were pictures!
  7. Thanks, I think I'll love white satin. Anyone here who already have it, please post the pic ;)
  8. If you google chanel spring 2008 makeup you will see pics from other sites that are good.
  9. :graucho:Thanks!
  10. oooh! i love blue nail polish! i think ill get it!
    but first, i need something azur!
  11. Someone who buys and wears it, post a pic please !!!
  12. I picked up Azur on Sat. I plan to layer it with Blue Satin, also by Chanel, just for a bit of a switch. Hurry and get one as it's a LE color and will probably sell out soon.
  13. here's a pic
  14. oooh...cant wait to try the blue
  15. thanks, I just bought the azur nail polish can't wait to get it and try it out :smile: