Azur: Galliera vs. Pochette


Jul 21, 2009
Hi all!

This is my first time posting in the LV forum (have been doing research & lurking for a while) :yahoo: so many beautiful bags!

I am going out to buy my first Azur bag and want to get an opinion on which bag I should buy. I'm thinking about the Galliera & Pochette Accessories because both are SOOOOOO pretty in the Azur pattern :nuts:

I can see the Galliera PM being an everyday bag (but I'd be carrying a backpack most of the time anyway so it'd be more of a shopper/tote)

I would use the Pochette Accessories as a casual small bag for when I just want to carry my phone & wallet, or even for going out.

Not sure which I should purchase, would love opinions! (And modeling pics! Those are always great! Plus everyone looks great :greengrin:smile:

Thanks a bunch in advance!



Jul 21, 2009
Thanks for the reply!

I would probably carry the Galliera on the weekend as it would be a bigger & more versatile bag...but I guess the Galliera wouldn't see as much sun

What do you guys think about the color for the pochette? Azur is very summery...what would you guys recommend for the pochette?

(I am in looooooove the Galliera though!!!) :heart:


Jan 7, 2009
JenR maybe you should get the galliera! even if it may only be the weekender you will totally feel fab when you use it!...seems like you have a major lemming for it....and if you want it that much there will be no regrets and it will fill the void...(i bought many items before giving into the leopard stole- lesson what you really want because if you really want it you will end up buying it anyways!)


Jun 28, 2009
Who Dat Nation!
I have both in azur and love them! I use the pochette as a make up case in my galleria to get lots of use out of it. I have the pochette in mono as well but don't use that one as much.
Aug 17, 2008
I would get whatever size of bag you use more. I have the mono galleria and I love using it. I also have the mono pochette which I almost never use b/c I don't generally use handbags of that size. Just be realistic about what you actually use and you will know which one to get.


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Feb 2, 2009
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I have the Galliera Gm in mono and azur I love them! For me the pm was to small. I also have the azur zippy wallet and the pochette. I use the pochette for a make up bag. I really like the azur with patina leather:smile: good luck let us know what your get and post pics.