Azur Galliera Or Azur Totally MM?!! Please Help!

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  1. Hi Guys,

    I just got my very first LV's over the summer (in July) in Paris! I have a Mahina L in Noir and a Damier Ebene Speedy 30! I LVOE Them both and I really want to add something in Azur to my small LV collection. I am thinking about getting either the Azur Galliera PM or the Azur Totally MM. Which one do you all think is better to get? BTW I am also saving to get an ICARE and hopefully next year I will add a Mon Mono Neverful to my LV collection as well!:smile: Thanks for your opinions and advice on the subject!:flowers:
  2. I know I am in the minority, but I am not a fan of the Gal. So between the two, I would say Totally. There really are not too many bags in Azur which is why I am only have a Speedy 30. I have not found anything else in Azur that i am really in love with, but the hampstead is growing on me.
  3. Thanks Clu13! I just checked the Hampstead out on LV's website and it is cute! That may actually be a better bag and choice than the Totally!:P When I was in paris I saw a lady who had one (it was actually when I went out for a fancy dinner out, that was the reason for the Mahina!).:flowers:
  4. Both are great bags in my opinion but also very different. The gal is one strap with a little more glam factor with the gold plate and microfiber lining. The totally is the more practical workhorse bag. I have both and I honestly use the totally more. There is also the azur stresa which I got recently, but it's got a lot of vachetta...dunno if ur into that. It's a very beautiful azur bag too.
  5. Thanks Ulikeymahpurze! Do you really like your Galliera and what do you mostly use yours for (meaning what types of places/events do you take it to?). I am leaning more towards the Galliera or a bag similar to it because I am planning on getting an ICARE as a work/travel bag (Hopefully Sometime Early Next Year, If Everything Goes According To My Plan!):flowers:
  6. I'm in love with the Galliera azur.. so I'd totally get her!!
    I'd even like the Delightful in Azur!!
  7. I love my azur Galliera. I use her for several, work or just going to dinner. If you are planning to get an icare as a workhouse bag, then I would skip the totally and go to the Galliera. Also check out the Stresa in Azur because it is truly stunning and I am currently lusting after it!
  8. I use it for going out, like when I go shopping or out to a dinner/movie with my bf. It's not a "stuffable" as the Totally so I don't use it for school/travel. I also don't want to scratch up the gold plate too much (but this is really hard to avoid) and ruin the microfiber lining so I only use it occasionally.
  9. Galliera
  10. Galliera
  11. I just got my Galliera Azur and love it! It's such a beautiful bag!

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  12. Galliera for sure! I have the Azur and I love it! I get so many compliments and I love the fact that it has a single strap and doesn't fall off my shoulder. It's also roomy and lightweight. Sorry, but I'm not a fan of the Totally. With those outer pockets, I think it looks like a diaper bag. Plus, you're already planning to get the NF anyway.
  13. I vote Totally! You can get a lot of use out of it now. If you get the Icare later, you could always sell the Totally and use that money toward the Galliera or whatever (the Totally seems to have a pretty decent resale value).
  14. which one are you leaning towards right now?
  15. Azur Galliera !! And a Mono Totally (:*