Azur for Fall or Winter? why not, here is my baby..

  1. Sorry for dark pics, I think I need to charge my camera:yes:
    My dress is chocolate brown, but it looks black:cursing:
    She arrived so early this morning, so I took her with me for lunch with friends, they all love it, it is refreshing.

  2. yay! congrats!
  3. Congrats! :yahoo:It's sooo cute!!! I want one!!! Love your boots, btw!:heart:
  4. Beautiful!! I love the dress!!
  5. Yahoo! Love it. Great boots, too!
  6. adorable!
  7. Great purchase...congrats!!! :yahoo:
  8. Lovely!- adore with red and brown. And...absolutely year round! Nothing looks richer in the dead of winter than a cream wool coat or a creamy LV azur.....rock on.
  9. Thanks Pupsterpurse, I just ordered an extender, I think will feel more comfy under my arm with it.
  10. Adorable!! HOT boots!!congrats
  11. Thanks, I find this Azur pattern very versatile as regular Damier and btw enjoy your bag as well.:yes:
  12. Thanks Melo:yes:
  13. Congrats!:flowers:

    I love your outfit. Your pics are stunning. Nothing like this fur ball...
  14. Thanks Crystal:yes:
  15. i love the outfit and the Azur Pochette! :yes: