Azur Fiasco continues

  1. I don't know if any of you remember my problems with returning my damier azur speedy that they wouldn't exchange because of apparent denim transfer and a mystery smell....well i just got the bag back! No friggen denim transfer...looked at it under natural and flourescent light by different people. And the smell well the smells is umm LEATHER! I have no idea what they are talking about! I've contacted LV customer service through the website. I just don't understand :sad:
  2. For sure complain! Good luck with that~
  3. Bad service! Complain and complain until something gets done.
    Hope it works out well!
  4. mmm strange!!!!! why dont you just keep it? but you should complain xx
  5. i'm keeping it..hope it will grow on me..everyone else seems to looove it! I think its just the size. I've had my mono speedy 25 for 4 years and its my staple, I use it the most! the 30 is just so saggy! and ginormous! I think the Azur is beautiful though. Already complained!
  6. Put a piece of cardboard or a catalog on the bottom if you dislike the sag. Maybe then you will enjoy your bag more!
  7. Sell it for full price on eBay. Take lots of clear pictures and answer all questions fully.

    Buyers are dying and waiting for a more reasonable price on the Azur, I've noticed the traffic has slowed because the price is set too high. The market for Azur 30 is falling!! A price between $620 and $680 will sell quickly I'm betting.

    That is my opinion. I hope it works out- and you get your Trouville or Eliza you really wanted! ;)

    I still can't stop thinking about that Ursula---- it's never available on elux and I'm ready to call 866 for more info (paying over the phone or bank transfer)

    but that would mean I'd have to sell my Manhattan and I really like it....................argh. I'm so confused. lol~
  8. ^^ Frozen Alaska, I'm dying for your azur koala, love your avatar, all the azur together,,, azur is fab!
  9. thats disgusting service, there is nothing wrong with the bag so they should take it back, that is their policy. As for contacting the website, I would contact head office, does anyone have the address to help the OP out ??, I think things like this have happened before. The least you deserve is an apology and an exchange of your bag.
  10. Maybe a magazine or book on the bottom will help with the sag.

  11. Thanks! Here's some afternoon eye candy!


  12. That's weird, definitely look for answers!
  13. I :heart: it ! its beautiful
  14. ^^Sah-Weet! Nikkileanne, I hope you get it all sorted out, buying our beautiful luxury items sure can be stressful and all of that, SA's, returns, shipping, accusations of color transfer when there are none.... yikes, thanks to this forum, complain, and keep going to the top till you get whatcha want... life's too short for a bad bag... esp. an LV!
  15. Keep complaining for sure, this is good money & if you want to return it, & there are no problems with it, you should be able to return it!
    Why do some of these people act like we're trying to take money out of their own personal wallets? Sheesh!