Azur favorite or speedy b 25? Or...?

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  1. Thinking of adding some azur in my life!

    Should I for for the newly released favorite, or the classic speedy b? Or something else? What bag am I missing??

    My current collection of bags is:
    De NF mm
    Mono artsy
    De Eva
    Emp black speedy 30

    What you do all think??
  2. Azur Favorite. It's a new bag and you already have a Speedy. I'm getting one for my birthday in April. I think it is such a pretty bag.
  3. You can't go wrong with the Infamous speedy B
  4. get something else that you don't already have.. like the favorite...
  5. I like the favorite :smile:
  6. I'd go with the Speedy B 25 but the Favorite is really pretty too.
  7. Hmm pretty close! I feel like the speedy might be more utilitarian/useful, and the favorite more dressy? Do I have the right idea?
  8. Favorite
  9. My vote is speedy b azur.. :smile:

  10. +1!!!
  11. I would go for the DA Artsy, I think it is the prettiest DA bag :tender: The new Cabas and Riviera bags are also lovely :love: The favorite is super cute if you want something small.
  12. You already have a dressy bag (Eva) so I suggest something versatile for summer like Speedy B or Totally! Summer is all about ease. My first choice would have been the Neverfull because I love to carry a tote in the summer, but since you already have one, I suggest the others.

  13. I suggest the soffi .... Perfect for summer
  14. speedy
  15. my vote is for the azur favorite i like it better then the azur speedy