Azur dilemma- croisette, speedy b, sperone...

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  1. hey
    I'm in love with the Azur print and last week bought the croisette
    I'm worried it's a bit too small and formal for me - I'm quite a practical kind of girl who likes sports, walking etc and am wondering about exchanging it for the speedy b or sperone or sperone bb...
    Does anyone have any thoughts / had any if these bags please?
    I'm 5ft4, size uk 8-10, quite outdoorsy, and this is my first lv piece. I'd use it for day trips, shopping, travel, maybe brunch dates kind of thing
    Thanks so much
  2. Croisette is pretty stunning in the Damier Azur print. I would keep that one over your other choices. Good luck deciding!
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  3. Speedy b sounds more like your style. Sounds like your not 100% satisfied with your purchase.
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  4. Have to agree- I bought when it first launched and it is one of my favorite spring/summer bags.
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  5. I think from what you have said the Speedy b25 will be better for you.
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  6. I like the uniqueness of the sperone bb and the pink mkcrofibre lining inside
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  7. I've just bought the Sperone BB and I'm in love with it, it fits more than you think and you can carry it multiple ways. Practical and stylish, and a bit more of a relaxed style than the Croisette.
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  8. I have the Croisette and love it but it really just holds the essentials for me. If you want to fit sunglasses or a water bottle/snacks, I’d suggest something bigger. The Speedy B25 is still small but fits a lot and goes crossbody too.
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  9. I would go with Sperone! Very cute bag and for your frame size I think this bag would make a good fit for you.
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  10. Thank you everyone, I do love the croisette just worry it's not me or sensible for a longer day trip or travel. Does anyone happen to have any mod shots of the speedy in azur or sperone? They don't have i stock in my store and I'm struggling to get a feel for the relative sizes of speedy/sperone/ sperone bb. Thanks so much
  11. Thank you
  12. Thank you, do you happen to have any modshots please? I'm not sure betweensperone and sperone bb
  13. Lymington is an option as well!
  14. I had the Croisette and speedy b 25 and I love the look of the Croisette but it didn’t fit much but the speedy b fits so much for daily use yet easy to carry. I’m 5’4 and medium build [​IMG]
  15. Thanks, do you happen to have this bag? Any mod shots would be very helpful, o wonder if it's too big/the speedy would be better fir easy access/travel? I love both!!