Azur Delightful PM or Mono Berri PM?

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  1. I have been debating on getting a hobo bag for a while now. Went into LV today and tried on the Delightful PM and thought it was so pretty. I have also been thinking about the Berri, which was just released. They did not have this in the store but my SA was able to text me some pictures and is reserving one for me. I was surprised by how much better it looked to me than it seemed in the look book.

    I am looking for a comfortable hobo bag that I can reach into while still on my shoulder. I am not overly intimidated by Azur canvas nor vachetta. My clothing and lifestyle is fairly casual. Could you please give me your opinions on both bags? Here are some pics to help.


  2. Finally a mod shot of the berri. I agree it looks really good. I don't own either but if berri is anything like sully it's not the easiest to get into while on the shoulder. I personally prefer a short strap drop on a hobo so it doesn't bother me. Good luck deciding.
  3. Berri. Going purely based on looks cause I don't own either (not a fan of hobo), but there's something about the way it's falling on the arm that looks way better!
  4. The Berri is beautiful but the vachetta on the bottom is exceptionally prone to excessive soiling and damage...some people find that this makes the bag look raggedy while others like it. It's also a new design and may have some issues that have yet to appear; I personally wait about a year to let LV work the kinks out before buying.
    I have 2 Delightful MMs, the OM and a NM in DE, and love them both to bits for so many reasons, comfort being a big one. It's an older design overall and is pretty bombproof at this point with any issues long since fixed.

    Good luck deciding!

  5. I was so thankful he could send them. I think there's maybe been just one reveal of the Berri so far? Doesn't seem like many people are in love with the vachetta corners. Thank you for the info about how it is to access the Sully. I am hoping it will be different with the way the handle is attached being more mobile, but if not then it may not be the bag for me.

    Thank you for your feedback. The SA did an excellent job taking mods. It does look a little more refined.

    You always give great feedback. I can't decide yet whether the vachetta will be more high maintenance or the Azur canvas. I think it will come down to the comfort level of both bags. Very good point about waiting to see if the new bag will have any issues.
  6. I love them both on you but my vote is Delightful. I once had a Lockit (the HUGE one with the vachetta on the bottom. I think it was Lockit Horizontal but not sure)...and it drove me PSYCHO fretting over the big vachetta bottom. Berri doesn't have as much vachetta, of course, by those large sides would worry me. Also, we are approaching summer and Delightful looks so fresh and beautiful! Finally, the Delightful has more "slouch" - more of a true hobo!
  7. So pretty. Never seen the Berry before. I think the berry looks better on you. That's me. :smile:
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    The berri is very Striking in person..I think the delightful PM is very pretty for summer especially...If the zipper part is a pain to get in and out of with the berri that might be a deal breaker but it is a very striking bag!! GL with your decision I know it's hard..
  9. I prefer the azur Delightful. It looks like the perfect, casual summer bag. The Berry is nice but I'm not crazy about it. I love the Delightful. I'm selling my azur NF for the Delightful PM.
  10. Definitely the DELIGHTFUL! It looks great and is such a light comfortable bag to wear. The Berry looks nice but has a harder strap and I'd always worry about the corners. I used to have a Hampstead PM and it was easy to knock the corners and once it's marked.. that's it.
  11. I like both. The Berri is more of a finished look. Based on what you said about wanting to reach into the bag while still on shoulder, and also your casual style, it seems Delightful would be a great choice. Plus it does look so pretty and feminine for the season. Looks great on you!
  12. Delightful!
  13. I would like to refer delightful in any sizes rather berri. If u want keep long period of time.seriously:smile:
  14. Delightful. the leather patches on the Berri make the Berri seem dated.

  15. The Delightful does seem very refreshing. At first I kept thinking "ah but how many months out of the year will I wear Azur truly..." And then I reminded myself of my many other bags. I need to stop thinking of this purchase as my one and only and maybe consider that it's okay to change things up.

    Haha if only it were me! That's a lovely SA who sent me mods. She wore it really well though. The Berri is a new release. Not even on the website yet. Thank you for your input!

    I totally agree about the zipper part. I also wonder if the zipper will make the slouch awkward. I basically need to just try it on and I think my decision will be easier.

    Ooh tough choice you made too. I love the NF and Delightful and the pink interior is really hard to resist.

    Oh I was hoping you'd chime in! Your delightful mods are what sold me on this bag/size. I am leaning toward delightful now but just need to try on the Berri to be sure. I had to sell my Azur Galliera. I loved the bag itself but it started to patina in a weird way where it took on a grayish cast. I wonder if the previous owner had treated it with something. This might fill the gap in my collection.

    Oh I think you are so right. I love TPF.

    Thanks Jaidybug!

    I generally buy for keeps so this a good point to consider. Thank you! I really wish LV had made those patches smaller.