Azur Delightful in Pink Or New Rose Ballerine

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  1. Hi Everyone if you were going to get a delightful pm in azur which interior would choose the current pink or the new rose ballerine color? I am trying to decide. Thanks!
  2. Is the azur delightful pm in the current pink available? I am asking because I called the 866 # a while ago and it wasn't. It's still out of stock online. You might not be spoiled for choice :smile:
  3. I prefer the pivoine. I love the contrast of colour. But the rose ballerina is also gorgeous
  4. I like the azur with RB !
  5. I just bought my Delightful and got the beige interior because it was MADE IN FRANCE...I really didn't care what the inside looked like I just wanted mine MIF...I love this bag..I got the PM and would love it in every color....
  6. I love how the RB looks with Azur. Fun without being over the top. The current pink is too bright for my taste.
  7. I think Azur with RB
  8. I would choose the RB, I almost bought the one with the hot pink but it's too bright. The soft pink is Beautiful :loveeyes:
  9. RB. Best light pink ever!

  10. +1