Azur, Damier

  1. Does anyone eles think the Azur speedy 25 looks bigger then the regular monogram speedy 25?


    I have been tossing thoughts about the damier and azur speedy
  2. Yes, from the picture it does, but you're sure it isn't a 30?
  3. Yeah, actually it does? :confused1:
  4. That isnt how it was listed..
  5. Maybe cause the mono is older and could have lost it's rigidity? :shrugs: It looks a little slouchy..
  6. the pic belongs to bagsnbags.. maybe she can clear things up.
  7. Yes, just a tad.
  8. quite a bit, from that pic. sure its not a 30?
  9. Maybe the angle it was taken at?
  10. Becuase of the color. that's it
  11. Only Nita can answer this question. Since those items and Gus belong to her.
  12. I think because mono speedy has shrunk and loose the shape little bit.Plus I stuffed that damier azur with the cardboard came with it. It's the same size
  13. That's an azur 25 for sure. I think it's an optical illusion. Either the camera angle is funky or the mono speedy is really slouched. Measurement wise, I believe they're exactly the same it's just the lighter color looks larger.

  14. :yes: :yes:

  15. thanks for clearing that up :smile: