Azur cless or Groom cles???


Azur cles or Groom cles??

  1. Azur cles?

  2. Groom cles?

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  1. Im thinking to get one between Azur or Groom
    Which one will be nicer?? :confused1: I mostly have mono bags ;)Does anyone have any preference between two of them?? I know they are both nice but willing to get one first...Someone said Groom one paint will off through using and Azur will get dirt easily since the color is cream....I want to use as a bag charm;). If somebody can show me the picture that would be great..:graucho::graucho:
  2. Azur please :love:
  3. Groom,
  4. I like the groom.
  5. I voted for the Azur. I have the Groom cles, & I'm already tired of it.
  6. Azur!
  7. Azur is so much prettier, but if you actually may be able to like the groom then I'd go for groom because it's Limited.
  8. if it's going to be a bag charm on your mostly mono bags, groom coordinates better. how about perfo cles? no paint chip worries.
  9. ^
    You still got the "ugly"-worries though. :nuts:


  10. I'm cracking up! I love honest people! I'm right there with you, I'm as blunt as a 60's bob.
  11. i'd pick the groom cause its limited, if you get sick of it you can sell it and then get the azur cause it'll be here for a while.
  12. Get both! :roflmfao: