azur cles??

  1. hey everyone! its been a while since i posted, had a lot going on in '07 but i am still waiting for my azur speedy 25 from elux but i was thinkin should i get the azur cles to?? or the mono or damier cles? i have the perfo cles in green but that def cannot be hung from my azur speedy...any advice or pics with there cles on there azur speedy!? thanx!:yes:
  2. Azur cles is could go with vernis though in pomme or indigo:nuts: ...I've been debating the same thing.
  3. I like the azur clés!!! GET IT! :biggrin:
  4. The azur cles is so CUTE! :love: :yes:
  5. i remember seeing a picture posted in the visuals a while ago and it was an azur cles hangin from the azur speedy 25 and i remember it looking adorable! but i wasnt sure if i needed contrast...i think i may go with the azur cles though!
  6. yes, get it!
  7. Azur Cles! It is so pretty!
  8. azur cles! i cant wait to get one!
  9. its funny cuz i got the perfo cles in september and didnt think id really use it and i use it all the time!! so i figured the azur cles would be adorable and its not the lv print so its something different...hmm i think i wil order it let me go see if its on elux
  10. boo its not there! i wonder when my freakin speedy is gunna arrive 2!! they told me soon like 2 weeks ago...sniff sniff i will keep my eyes open for the cles! so i think im gunna do it!
  11. I like it.
  12. I'm (impatiently) waiting for my Azur cles to come in the mail !!!:shame:

    Go for the Azur !:yes:
  13. azur cles!!!!!
  14. i think i am! question for u perfo is perfect in size...will the azur cles be good for my license,atm card,credit card and insurance card..and some cash?
  15. get the cles, its useful, and adorable!