azur cles or azur mini pochette?


Azur cles or mini pochette

  1. cles

  2. mini

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  1. i really love the *idea* of keeping my lic, cc, and $ w/my keys, but it also terrifies me (if they were ever lost...) i also love the mini- pay a little more, get a really lovely little purse... this would be carried/used w/an azur speedy. thanks for your input!
  2. Wow this is a tough one. I was also debating between the two and I chose the mini over the cles. More bang for the buck! :yes:
  3. I love cles ! :smile:
  4. I would go for the Mini Pochette since it would have some more room to keep extra things.
  5. mini definitely offers more room if you want to put keys in it too, but i would consider a key holder for the keys rather then stuff it w/the cc.
  6. I agree with Classic Chic! I've seen and tried out at the key holder and mini pochette, and they're so cute together! But if you can only have one then definitely the mini pochette, you can always attach the keys to the chain or something like that if you want or you could always put the keychain inside.
  7. mini
  8. I think you should go for the Mini Pochette.
  9. I voted for the cles because of quick convienence if you need to run into the gas station or store to grab something. Just take your cles which will have your car key attached and your CC's inside.
  10. I haveta have cles to match my bag. I have a mono mini and just dont like that it doesnt hold much.

    I'd say get a regular pochette to go in your bag, and you can also use it as a stand alone purse on days when you dont carry much.

    So- I vote cles- or full size poch access.

    Let us know what you decide! Photos- we need photos! lol
  11. Here is the speedy with the cles.

  12. Mini Pochette would be my choice
  13. My vote is for the Mini Pochette.
  14. cles... I don't like the canvas inside the pochette.......
  15. The mini can hold more