"Azur" Chairs ~~ pics~~

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  1. I was at a seminar a few weeks ago, and saw these chairs in the lobby... they're so cute!!! they even have "vachetta" cushions :nuts:
    april07 010.jpg april07 011.jpg
  2. Ohhh! It actually does kind of look like the Azur pattern!

    You should bring one of them home :graucho:
  3. OMG! How cute!! where was the seminar?
  4. that's so funny! I would 'prefer' the whole chair to be done in the azur though if I were to actually have one, lol, I think they really are pretty, thanks for sharing!
  5. thats sweet!
  6. Wow, it makes you wonder if it's coincidence, or did the designer have a thing for LV Azur? ha
  7. Cute chairs!
  8. :amuse: Yah, they look like Azur collection!
    Love it! Thank for sharing!!!
  9. me too:yes:
  10. wow cool. I want a pair, would be cute as outdoor furniture.
  11. LOL....it's cute..
  12. :p How cool!
  13. i totally was wondering the same thing!!! I've noticed that the damier pattern is very popular tho... i was at another hotel this weekend, and the bedding was white on white damier pattern... so.. it has been around for more than century...
  14. Cute! I've stayed at a hotel where there was a Damier-ish chair. I think I took photos of it...if I can find it on my hard drive, I'll post them!
  15. Interesting.....