Azur Canvas

  1. Any Azur owners have black marks showing up on the light canvas yet?
    I know it happens with the pink, cream CB and white MC...those greyish-black marks that show up on the light coloured canvas?
  2. Nothing weird on mine yet.
  3. Me neither. Hope it doesn't happen soon!
  4. oooh. noticed it on my mc key and change holder...but not on any of my other bags...hmm.
  5. I shouldn't be viewing this thread since I really want a speedy and noe from this collection.
  6. nope I don't notice any on my speedy
  7. nope... i've used my cles quite often since i got it. i also have an azur pochette, but i haven't really taken it out much. i'm waiting for spring to use it more often
  8. nothing on my pochette...
  9. so far nothing on my cles.
  10. pochette is okay so far
  11. Nope - all clear and beautiful as the day I bought it!
  12. Nothing on my cles or pochette yet.
  13. Nothing on my wallet or pochette. :biggrin: *knocks on wood*
  14. i want some azur! i hope nothing eventually happens to ANY of yours!
  15. Nice! Thanks for your replies everyone!