Azur Cabas Plage Size?

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  1. Does anyone know the size (dimensions) of the Azur Cabas Plage GM & PM???:confused1:

  2. .
  3. i don't know, but i'm excited as hell about the speedy 25!!!! where did you get that sheet?
  4. I wish I knew at this time, if I get any info - I'll totally let you know.

    Also I am sure this is a repeat too, but yeah The Cabas Plage will be a limited bag, and won't be part of the permanent collection.

  5. From the "Azur Line...Have you listed" thread:love:
  6. Thanks, Laurence....would greatly appreciate the info when you get it:love:
  7. "Total order ~500 units", does that mean 500 in ALL OF LV or per store????
  8. Total is usually literally total so maybe all of the stores combined 500 units:wtf:
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