Azur bags sightings, ever?? (esp. Saleya)??

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  1. How often do you see people w/ Azur bags? Specifically the Saleya MM???

    I have yet to see anyone with any Azur bags...:confused1: I've seen 1 person with the Saleya PM (in Reg. Damier once), but never in the bigger sizes MM, GM and in Azur.

    Hmm...Yet here on tPF alot of PFers love Azur, and the Saleya. :shrugs:

    Is the Saleya in Azur just not as desirable?? (But I think how can this be? So many PFers have it in Azur???) I know there was a problem with getting Azur bags made and to the stores awhile back. (Esp. w/ the Speedies..) Is this why??

    I have the Azur Speedy...and feel as though I'm the only one with Azur....(which is fine..) but just thought I'd see someone else with something in Azur by now.

    Even in the Celeb. LV Thread I've only seen maybe 2 celebs w/ Azur (Speedies).

    Thoughts? :hrmm:
  2. I haven't seen any azur bags out and about. In fact I rarely see an authentic ebene piece (except for my speedy lol). In fact 90% of any LV bags I see on a daily basis are fake.
  3. I've seen 2 Azur Saleyas and several Azur Speedies. I think they're coming out more in the summer.
  4. I live in the middle of nowhere, and 8 hours from any store. I have yet to meet anyone here with LV from any line.

    I went home to visit my mom (Metro-Detroit area) and saw lots of azur memorial day weekend at the mall. Several Saleya's and a few speedies.
  5. I have only seen 2 Azur speedies... and one really fake Manhattan PM.
  6. I've seen a couple Azur speedies around Boston but thats about all for the azur line...
  7. I have not seen one azur bag in Marin County, except for my own saleya MM. love this new line, not sure why I have not seen anyone with one.
  8. A couple Azur Speedies and one Saleya....
  9. i've seen a girl with an Azur Speedy at college yesterday =) i want an Azur pouchette!
  10. I've seen one Saleya but nothing else. :sad:

    Yesterday while watching the local sports, they showed a member of the Cleveland Cavaliers (not LeBron) arriving to the team hotel here in San Antonio and he had an Azur Keepall!!! I screamed at the television. LOL! I'm trying really hard to find a picture of it. It looked so fine on him.
  11. i've seen a few, not a lot. when i went away on my cruise is when i saw the most. maybe like 3 people with azur bags, not including mine. and then maybe once or twice out. i remember speedies and one noe.
  12. I used to see the Saleya more than the Speedy, but now I see them both equally. I see one once every few days, maybe? I wish that I didn't see Azur so often!
  13. I haven't seen any Azur Saleya in my city yet...or any Azur items at all, but I do see plenty of regular damier items.
  14. only on my mum, lol.

    where i live i don't see real bags that often and i haven't seen the azur often too. i only remember seeing the speedy.
  15. I live in southern cali and I have a azur speedy also, and I feel the same way..I dont see any around much at all. And everytime I went into SCP to get it, it was sold out. So I kept thinking..who is buying them, because I dont really see many around.